"The Inner Way"

Association for the study and research of Qigong

The Nei Dao Association has been formed with the aim of:
  • Spreading and widening the knowledge within the entire philosophical and cultural field that is the real essence of Qigong
  • Proposing and carrying out the practice and the study of Qigong in all of it's forms, in it's various fields of application, and in it's various aims of practice:
  1. Taoist Qigong
  2. Buddhist Qigong
  3. Confucian Qigong
  4. Medical-therapeutic Qigong
  • Promoting scientific research on Qigong in collaboration not only with doctors and health workers, psychologists, psychotherapists, but also biologists and physicists
  • Promoting round-table discussions and conferences on various spheres of practice and research.
  • Promoting training courses in the various main branches of Qigong, which are very rarely explained and understood in the majority of the organizations of this field in Italy:
  1. Nei Qigong
  2. Wai Qigong
  3. Neiqi gong
  4. Waiqi gong