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The first Italian Conference on Qigong was a great success!

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"Life Nourishing Internal Alchemy"
Qigong and International Scientific Research

Rome, 2-3 October 2010

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The Conference:

This Conference, the first of its kind in Italy, aims to highlight, rediscover and promote the importance of the person as protagonist of their own life: the body, breath, mind and spirit are all a single system working towards restabilizing and improving the energetic balance of the individual, for physical health and interior well-being.

The title of the Conference, "Life Nourishing Internal Alchemy", draws attention to the importance of an interior work such as Qigong. The real alchemic nourishment, in fact, is the one which takes place inside a Qigong practitioner thanks to a meditation which unites the harmonization of the body, breath and mind for a conscious work on their energy circulation.

The aim of the Conference will be to introduce and explain the world of Qigong through both scientific research and the experience gained by direct practice.

A Round Table interdisciplinary Expert Panel will be held on the specific subjects of the conference, with the participation of doctors, helath workers, scientists and researchers, as well as experts of the field.

There will be direct testimonials given by practitioners who have benefitted the effects of Qigong.

The Conference will also host the AGM of OTTO, the Italian National Organization of Tuina and Qigong operators.



  • Kevin Chen Ph.D. MPH
  • Effie Chow Ph.D.
  • Maria Luisa Vocca

Dr. Kevin Chen, Associate Professor of the Center for Integrative Medicine and the Department of Psychiatry, University of Maryland, School of Medicine, will introduce medical Qigong and its effectiveness on various pathologies. In particular he will illustrate the results of scientific research on Qigong applied to cancer, stress-related disturbances, addiction and dependency treatment.

Qigong Grandmaster Effie Chow, creator of the "Chow Medical Qigong" method, will present a workshop on "Body, Mind, Spirit Chow Medical Qigong - Heal Yourself, Heal the Planet". Dr. Chow is a widely recognized spokesperson for Qigong and TCM, and was appointed in 2000 by President Clinton to the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy. Deepak Chopra, M. D., said of her: "Effie Chow is one of the strongest energy based healers and acupuncturists I have met and I have seen with my own eyes some of the remarkable results of her Qigong work".

The Conference will be chaired by Maria Luisa Vocca, sinologist and expert Qigong operator (Wai-Qi and Nei-Qi), and Italian representative of the World Qigong Congress. Maria Luisa Vocca holds regular courses in Rome in Qigong training and practice. She will also present a summary of the latest World Qigong Congress held in S. Francisco (USA) on 24 - 25 April 2010.

Brief curriculum of Dr. Kevin Chen

Associate Professor, Center for Integrative Medicine, Department of Family and Community Health, and Department of Psychiatry, University of Maryland School of Medicine, since 2008

Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ), since 2007.

Director of Research, the Qigong Institute (USA - a non-profit research and educational organization located in California, since 2000.

Member of various Professional Societies, including: "American Public Health Association", "American Psycology Association", "International Society for Complementary Medicine Research", "American Sociological Association", "International Biometric Society", "Association of Applied Physiology and Biofeedback", "North America Chinese Sociologist Association", "Chinese Association of Science and Technology (USA)".

Awarded the "Research Scientist of the Year" in the Qigong Summit 2000, organized by American Qigong Association, Washington DC.

Awarded the FIRST award from National Institute on Drug Abuse (R29 DA12257) "Delay of Gratification and Substance Use/Abuse/Dependence", principal investigator.

Principal researcher of numerous Research Projects carried out, and others currently being conducted, such as: treatment of substance addiction with Integrative Meditation, integrated medicine and self support with Qigong practice, Qigong and Osteoarthritis, auricular acupressure therapy for treating drug addiction, co-investigator of research projects on cases of depression, arthritis, autism, cancer, dependencies and their treatment with Qigong and Chinese Medicine.

Author of countless scientific publications and reviewer for a number of academic journals, many based on Qigong-related research (practice - 'Neiqi gong' and emisssion - 'Waiqi gong'), he has also published various books on related themes, participated actively at many international congresses, and been invited by Universities and Hospitals all of the world for his presentations on Qigong and Scientific Research. He has recently completed the translation in English of the Chinese academic text "Chinese Medical Qigong".

To view the complete version of Kevin Chen's curriculum click here.

Brief curriculum of Dr. Effie Chow

Qigong Grandmaster Effie Chow, PhD, RN, LAc grew up in small town in British Columbia where she witnessed family and friends routinely practice TCM using food, herbs, acupuncture, cupping, moxa, Qigong, Tai Qi with some dramatic and life-saving results. Ethnic prejudice in the 1940s discouraged these practices and Dr. Chow went into nursing in the 1950s; quickly becoming aware of the revolving door concept: people going in and out of the hospital, never getting better. After the premature death of her father from a side reaction to medication, Dr. Chow commenced a 10 year search and study of TCM and Qigong in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada and the US, witnessing many "miracles".

Taking the best of both systems, she founded the "East West Academy of Healing Arts" in 1974. Today, Dr. Chow teaches TCM and Qigong internationally, and maintains a clinical practice that specializes in critical cases including stroke, cancer, Parkinsons "where all else has failed" using her original Chow Integrated Healing System/Chow Medical Qigong.

Dr. Chow has pushed forward as a tireless Qigong/TCM advocate from the radical front line to the policy-making boards for national and international health care systems. Her "claim to fame" was getting acupuncturists out of jail in the 1970's while simultaneously helping to write the California Acupuncture legislation. From "springing jailbirds" in the 1970s to being appointed in 2000 by President Clinton to the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy (WHCCAMP), she is a widely recognized spokesperson for Qigong and TCM, health promotion and wholistic health. In 2007, Dr. Chow was named as one of the Pioneers and Leaders of Oriental Medicine in the USA. She is founder and chair of the World Congress on Qigong and Traditional Medicine now in its 12th year.

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To view the complete profile of Dr. Effie Chow click here.


Interdisciplinary Round Table:

The round table presents an opportunity for direct dialogue and discussion on the subjects presented by the speakers above, to permit a deeper understanding to all of the conference participants.

The complete list of the members of the round table, composed of doctors, health operators, scientists and researchers, as well as experts of the field, will follow shortly.


Where and when:

Venue: ASL Roma D - Raffaello Room
Via Casal Bernocchi 74, 00125 Rome

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Times: Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 October 2010, from 9.00 - 19.00